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Eastern Cal:

Eastern California is the most season sensitive part of the state, i.e. it matters a lot when you visit different
parts of it. At all costs avoid the desert with low altitude (Death Valley and even Palm Springs) in summer.
Iv´ve been in Palm Springs i August when it was 120 degrees (49 Celcius), and it was not comfortable.
At these temperatures you almost panic after 5 minutes outside. If you plan to visit the low desert, go
sometimes during late fall (October) to early spring (Marsh-April). The high desert (Josua Tree National
Park for example) is significantly more comfortable. That area can be visited year round, although
is better from late September to May. The best times for visiting the desert is during spring, when
wildflowers and cactuses are blooming. And keep in mind that flowers are blooming earlier at low
elevation (Marsh), and later in the high desert (April and even May).

For the rest of eastern California, I´d say that fall is the best season. And clearly the best season
up at June Lake, Lundy Lake and Virgina Lakes - areas with beautiful fall colours.

So if you go to California during spring, it´s a good idea to spend a few extra days in the desert.
And if you go during the fall, spend the extra days up north at the mentioned lakes. The same with summer,
as the desert (at least the low desert) is torture then. Winter however, is plesant in both the low and
high desert, and decent up north, even though access is limited due to snow at some places.