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Northern Cal:
When to go

Almost all parts of northern California can be visited all around the year. Some parts with high altitude are covered
with snow well into the summer though. Lassen Volcanic National Park is such an example, so you pretty much have
to choose between summer and not so late fall. Personally, I prefer fall around mid September since the park has
nice colours at that time.

However, for the rest of northern California spring is usually the best season to visit. From april onwards since
rainshowers are fairly common in the winter and early spring. The summers, when most people have vacations, is
pretty good too; not the best but you are not restricted due to snow either. And even winter can be charming in
northern California: Itīs very impressive to watch the winter storms along the coast. And some activities are clearly
best during the winter; such as watching bald eagles in the Klamath Basin, which are present from December to Marsch.

Consequenlty, visitning northern California is always good, but an advice is to adjust the plans according to the season:
If you go in the fall; spend more time up in the mountains (such as Lassen Volcanic NP) and less along the coast (althogh
the coast is very nice during the fall as well with golden grass and elks in rut). And if you travel in spring; spend lots
of time along the coast.