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As expected, finding hotels and motels in southern California isn´t difficult. The only tricky part is if you´re
determined to stay at campsites all the time. There are several campsites all around southern California except
in Los Angeles and San Diego, but be prapared that they have a tendency to fill upp rather quickly during the
weekends. But that´s not a problem since there are several affordable motel chains along the roads and
freeways. And of course several expensive choices. So the equation is to match the geographical need (where
you want to stay) with the budget. Most visitors end up on the westside (Santa Monica, Venice or Marina Del
Rey) when visiting Los Angeles. Santa Monica has some really exclusive hotels if that´s your preference.
Marina Del Rey has more mid-prized options ($80-100). And the cheapest lodging is to be found in Hollywood
or downtown Los Angeles, both of which are noticeable less comfortable areas, particilarly at night.

Two recommended places, for different needs are though: Casa Malibu Inn on the Beach in Malibu, which
is considered as an extremely romantic and beautiful place on the beach right at Malibu Pier (15 miles north
of LAX airport, on Highway 1). Reservations are an absolute must though. A very affordable alternative is
Motel6 in Hollywood (1738 North Whitley Ave. 101/Hollywood Freeway at Hollywood Blvd) where you
can stay for only $60.