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Lodging in Sierra Nevada is a bit tricky due to the popularity of the parks. Particularly in Yosemite. So unless
you camp in a tent planning and revervations are necessary, whether you intend to sleep in the park of outside.
A very good review of lodging i Yosemite is here: Yosemite Lodging Review. There´s also camping information
there. And you can get a clear picture of the demand of campsites in Yosemite here: Yosemite Camping Vacancies
Any camping reservation is done at Recreation.gov

But if you´re visiting Sierra Nevada anytime but summer you have a decent chance of lodging whether you intend
to sleep at campgrounds, cabins of lodges: Try to get a campsite/room early in the mornings, and avoid fridays and
saturdays. And there´s acctually a fool-proof way to find a campsite even in Yosemite Valley: Go to climbers Mecca
at the famous Camp 4 like 7.30 AM, and you´ll get a walk-in site (you have to share it with others) for only
$ 5 a night! Parking is scarce there, and you cannot drive to the actual campsite, and the service is limited to one
building with restroom. But the location is fabulous, with lots of climbers and backpackers living there.

It´s significantly easier to fins campsites in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, although there are relatively
few options of lodges inside the parks. And keep in mind that if you choose to stay outside the parks you have to
spend a lot of time driving in and out the park which cost valuable time.