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Sierra Nevada:

There really are no bad season to visit Sierra Nevada. Certainly, winter has shorter days and snow, which means that
vital roads are closed: Most importantly the roads to Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon National Park, and the roads
to Mineral King and Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park. And the roads to Glacier Point and Tuolumne in Yosemite
National Park. Thats a serious drawback unless you feel that the opportunities of cross-country skiing compensates

Spring is the best season to visit Sierra Nevada. And by spring I mean late April to early June when most of the
roads are open. But keep in mind that the openings of the roads differ a lot depending on the snowfall. Sometimes
roads opens as early as mid-April, whereas they sometimes only opens in late June after a winter of heavy snowfall.
For more information of the roads in Kings Canyon and Sequoia see:Kings Canyon/Sequoia Road Information
For the road status in Yosemite see: Yosemite Road Status. I strongly recommend keeping an eye on the road
conditions before booking a journey. And often you can anticipate when the roads will open.

Apart from the potetial dilemma of roads, spring has it all: Waterfalls are running at full steam (usually mid-May),
and wildflowers are at least beginning to be visible, and bears are active looking for food. However, althogh most
days are warm, night can be really chilly at high altitude. And sudden snowstorms are not uncommon.

Summer is fairly nice as well, but with substantially more visitors. An advantage is that roads are open, and that all
visitor centers and services such as restaurants are open for business.

Fall has fewer visitors, which means that lodging is easier to find. But the waterfalls can be a disappointment since
the´s litte water running then. And there isn´t a lot of fall colours in the national parks themselves: However, first-
class colours present are only one hour from Yosemite along Highway 395 (see Eastern Cal.)


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